Beauty and Brawn

It is no secret granite’s popularity derives from its natural beauty and brilliant luster. Its versatility from the rich to the understated lends to the unique look that matches your lifestyle. But beauty is only the beginning. It’s granite’s robust, unyielding surface that delivers lasting durability, and seals the deal.

So, what exactly is granite? And what are the advantages aside from aesthetics?
Granite is rock found in the earth’s continental crust formed by cooled magma or lava. Found in the busiest of kitchens, granite never yields, and its functionality is unmatched.

In Home Stone offers a broad selection of granite and other stone choices, each of which has unique properties and advantages. These include engineered stone, limestone, marble, onyx, slate and soapstone. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, upgrading your kitchen or creating your dream backyard grill, we'd like you to make In Home Stone your top choice.