Step 1:Under One Roof

Superior Service from Cut to Finish, and Then Some
If you’ve never worked with In Home Stone and wonder where to begin or what happens once you enter our sprawling showroom…let us walk you through the process.
First, we invite you to make just one trip to our showroom where we showcase a generous selection of natural stone, delivered straight from the world’s finest quarries. Since we offer both fabrication and installation services, you don’t have to drive all over town. We’ve got everything you need under just one roof, including tile, so you can complete your entire project with ease. Best, we make you feel welcome. You are the reason we’re here!

Step 2: Your Vision

Next, we ask for a drawing of your project’s plan and measurements. Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen, adding a new fireplace, refurbishing a bathroom, creating a new space or launching any other project, we want to be your partner. We make copies for our files and familiarize ourselves with your vision.

Step 3: Your Personal Consultant

Then, we will assign you to a friendly, knowledgeable salesperson that will serve as your personal consultant throughout the entire process going forward. He or she will ask you a series of questions designed to help us assess your needs including design, budget, colors, functionality requirements, etc. You receive a first-rate tour of the extensive selection featured on site. It’s hard to imagine you won’t find exactly what you’re looking for…but in the event you don’t, we offer a list of recommended distributors. We can work in tandem with anyone you choose.

Step 4: Value and Expertise

Now, the part you’ve been waiting to hear about…pricing. It is always great fun for us to offer our customers superior value for the very best quality stone, since we buy direct. We love to surprise our customers with a price we know they’ll feel good about. Then, we create an accurate invoice for you, so you’ll know exactly how much your project will cost. We ask for a deposit to hold the stone you select, or, we work with the distributor of your choice to draft a price that includes their cost. This part really won’t hurt; we strive to give you the very best deal available!

Step 5: Tile Adds Style

At In Home Stone, you’ll find everything you need under just one roof. Once you’ve chosen your beautiful granite, marble or other stone, your consultant will inquire whether your project includes tile. Inside our spacious showroom—located on the same campus—you’ll discover a broad selection of tile in every material, size, cut, pattern and style you can imagine. We’ll help you to create the flooring, backsplash, fireplace or accent piece that perfectly complements your room.

Step 6: We Take Care of the Details

The nitty-gritty starts here. Once you’ve made a selection, we start talking details. Our first priority is to ensure you experience as little as possible of the frustration that is inherent with most remodeling projects. Living without countertops isn’t easy, and we know it. So we do everything possible to mitigate lost time. We start by considering all aspects of your project…appliance deliveries, cabinet installation (which must be complete) and a host of other details to give you an accurate estimate of completion time. Then, we set up the following:

  • Template Date: Within 7 to 10 days of cabinet installation (where applicable) we come out and take precise measurements of your countertops. You won’t even have to remove them; we work with your current countertops to create a template (or a plastic copy) from which the new ones will be fabricated.

  • Template viewing/Set installation Date: We invite you to come out and review the stone you’ve chosen with the plastic template (or footprint) intact. This is your opportunity to review the stone before it is cut, polished and edged. Then we’ll set the date for installation.

Step 7: Your Finished Space

Finally, Installation: The moment you’ve been waiting for! At this point, we install your beautiful new stone product on the date we’ve determined together. Once installation is complete, we remain available to you for questions on care and maintenance and more. In the unlikely event a problem arises, we respond quickly, assess your concern and address anything necessary to make things perfect.
Throughout the entire process, from the time you enter our showroom until you test out your brand new stone product, our top priority is to make things as convenient and easy as possible. It’s why our showroom at the Annapolis Design District includes natural stone and tile, so you can shop for flooring to match your project under just one roof. It’s why we assign one consultant to serve as your familiar interface with In Home Stone. It’s why we go to the ends of the earth to source the best natural stone you can find, and to provide the superior customer service you deserve.