There are several reasons why granite countertops for the kitchen and bathroom are among the hottest high-end choices. As new granite countertop products are made available for home remodeling, their appeal seems to have lasting power, and maybe increasing. Here are the 5 advantages of installing countertops of granite.

Granite is Tough and Durable

Granite is, practically, rock-hard. It’s second only to diamond in terms of the structure of natural materials. When properly installed, it will be the last countertop you ever need. If you replace it down the road, it will be because you want to and not because you have to. It resists chipping, scratching, and cracking. Granite counters are also heat resistant due to their hardness. If you do manage to chip or crack the granite, it is a relatively easy thing to fix, depending on the severity of the damage. If you sometimes put a hot pan or tray directly on the countertop, it won’t hurt it the way it will laminate, wood, and other harder materials, but it’s not recommended.

It is Easy to Maintain

It is important to correctly seal the granite counters, and that’s why hiring a professional contractor do the installation is a brilliant idea. But the granite countertop can avoid staining and bacteria when sealed in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, you should seal them yourself. This makes using soap and water, or with a cleaner tailored for your granite, cleanup simple. You will easily get spilled juice, as you can do for Every countertop content, and you will enjoy a stain-free counter surface that for decades looks fresh.

Granite Increases the worth of a home

New granite countertops are making your home more appealing as well as more valuable. The return on your investment may be as high as 100%. That ensures that they would actually increase the selling value of your home by the amount you spent on them. Another way to look at it is here. If prospective buyers look at two homes and your home has granite countertops, the granite could be the difference on which home they pick, while the other does not. It’s a major long-term bet, For the next 20 to 30 years, as you love your granite countertops, one neighbor might repair their laminate counters three times, while another removes wood countertops twice as much and has them refinished a few times. In some cases, they’ll last twice as long as common products like quartz or soapstone. Here’s the point: For many homeowners, granite countertops are a very cost-effective solution in the long run.

Granite Countertops Have Awesome Elegance

What truly stands out among granite counters, with all their other attributes, is their gorgeous beauty. With its textured, gently-hued beauty, the natural charm of the stone is unsurpassed by any other materials. In the kitchen and bathroom, granite counters work well. The trick is to have them mounted by an experienced practitioner who can seal them properly. They still need to be sealed if they’ve already been mounted. Be sure to recruit, or do it yourself, an accomplished expert. Keep your granite countertops preserved, and in the decades ahead, they will continue to offer you outstanding elegance and results.