Some stone trends to look forward to this year

New year, new trends, Countertops don’t need to be cold and lifeless. It’s possible to make your tile and countertops shine along with your home. Stone is supposed to add to your home’s overall appeal and make everything shine and tie in together. Using this time to create an environment of functionality and uniqueness is a hard thing to capture but using these stone trends can make your next home renovation worthwhile. Here are 5 stone trends to incorporate natural stone into your living space Marble stone and other stones on the tome of the marble.

Incorporating more stone veins into your look:

Veiny stones are what’s in for this year, but you might be asking yourself what is “Veining”? Marble is a good example of veining in a stone. The organic-looking veins in the stone look very unique and elegant on the surface. No need to pay extra for a design because the marble already has one along with a new color. If you don’t like the look of the one you have then just get another, no two slabs of marble are the same! Each slab is unique and in a league of its own.  Stone Oven in someone's backyard

Natural Stone Fireplaces are Trending. 

No need to buy a fire pit when you can have one integrated into your home or get a few stones and go all natural! The options are almost endless when it comes to making a fireplace. So if you want to make one in preparation for your summer barbeque. If you didn’t feel prepared for those winter nights then it might be time for some innovation and get a stone fireplace for the winter. If you get a fireplace installed it could even add value to your home. Make sure you practice caution if you start to use one!  

Stone walls

Stone from floor to ceiling is a wonderful accent to have in your home. Look at the wonderful contrast shown between the wall and the home. It looks unique in comparison to the simplicity the modern look gives to the room. The stark contrast of the colors plays a good part in making the wall the focal point of the room and giving a great vibe. The Marble floor also plays a good part in showing off the wall and the dark-colored furniture

Stone Accents

Let’s segway that into stone accents, adding a wall is a big endeavor and a large financial project to fund. You can even go smaller and add in small stone accents to help spice up your living space.   those pops of natural stone that can help bring out the best in your home can also give you that creativity and personal touch your home or room needs. It can be small like a custom stone art piece or a part of the wall like an elevated floor for your tv stand or  Narrow stone walkway through trees and sunshine

Focus on your outdoor space

Adding a natural stone walkway or some tiles to your patio can prove to be very effective in enhancing your space. Adding a full fireplace outside can be time-consuming and there is a caution to be exercised to keep everyone safe. But making a patio or walkway can add to making your outside space give off the vibe you want to exude. It helps create a relaxing atmosphere to make your space all the more comfortable and livable.    Stone trends are starting to get popular due to the simplistic and organic appeal of it, everyone knows there’s beauty in simplicity. In Home Stone is your one-stop service provider for your home stone needs. Contact us online or call us today at (410)626-2025 if you need our services. Get connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Houzz, and Pinterest