Natural stones are a great way to give your home a more luxurious look that won’t be breaking the bank. Here we have 5 ways to incorporate natural stone for your house exterior.

1. Exterior Fireplace/Pit

Fire Pits are the perfect addition to any backyard! It can create a natural area for people to gather around whenever guests are over. It also allows you to light up an area without using power. Making it out of natural stones like Marble is perfect as it is highly resistant to heat and has a smooth texture. It’s perfect for the summer when you want to cook Smores. It’s perfect for the winter when you want to keep warm. Fire Pits are an easy inclusion to make to add more natural stones to your household.

2. Patio Dining Table

A Natural Stone table may seem like too much of a hassle but it will make your life much easier in the long run to maintain. Using a Granite table will save you a lot of money when it comes to maintenance, as they are highly resistant to staining and scratching. Granite can only be damaged by itself and diamonds, making it ideal for dealing with the elements. You can get a range of colors depending on where you retrieve the stones from. Each cut of the slab is different from one another giving your table unique characteristics.

3. Countertop for Grill

Creating an outdoor kitchen or at least a countertop for a grill is a great way to include Natural Stones like Quartz. Quartz is perfect for preventing bacteria as it is a non-porous material. This makes it difficult for bacteria to grow on these surfaces when preparing raw meat. You can be safe knowing that you won’t be spreading diseases as long as you clean up properly. Since Quartz countertops are extremely strain-resistant, this last step is a piece of cake.

4. Walkway

Having a Natural Stone walkway or path gives your home a rustic/rural charm that can’t be replicated. Granite is naturally very durable and can withstand the hard changes to all the elements. As stated before, it’s extremely hard to damage, meaning that all the times people walk on it won’t cause scuffs and scratches to appear. It’s also perfect for creating a little path towards a garden or fireplace.

5. Garden Walls

A marble stone wall for your garden can give your garden a classic look that’s easy to maintain. Marble has been used in construction for hundreds of years dating back to the Greeks and Romans. Marble can give your garden much-needed protection while also giving it a wonderful sense of style.

Looking for a Natural Stone House Exterior?

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