Countertop Edge Profile

The countertop edge profile seems like a small detail that is purely aesthetic, but it’s not. Its the surface you come in contact with the most so its shape definitely matters and makes it one of the most important decisions when it comes to selecting your countertop.

You can go with a countertop edge profile that is sleek and modern like a straight polish which has 90° angles with a slight bevel so the edges aren’t sharp and so they don’t chip. Or would you rather go with something more decorative and fancy like the Roman Ogee? The choice for your countertop’s edge profile is up to you, we just help turn your design or concept into reality.

Whatever your choice is for your countertop edge profile, we have several different choices to choose from here at In Home Stone. Please check out our helpful edge guides below for examples of how each profile looks on our countertops. If you are still having trouble feel free to contact us to discuss options.

Standard Straight Polish

Standard: 1/4” Radius

Standard: 1/2” Bull Nose

Upgrade: Dupont

Upgrade: French Ogee

Premium: Roman Ogee

Premium: Triple Pencil