Granite Countertops

granite countertops

At In Home Stone, we carry a diverse selection of the finest quality granite countertops in Maryland and surrounding areas. We get our Granite from Brazil, India, Italy and The United States. We work with the most reputable and robust quarries to source stunning natural stone that is delivered directly to us. Serving as both supplier and distributor enables us to pass the value directly to you.

Granite Countertops in Maryland

Are your current kitchen countertops outdated? When it comes to kitchen countertops, a sleek granite countertop can make a kitchen stand out. Wow your guests as soon as they walk by the kitchen when you choose granite stone for your countertops. Not only do granite countertops provide you with a clean, modern look for your kitchen, but they have many benefits unrelated to aesthetics as well. As we mentioned before, with In Home Stone, you have multiple choices when it comes to choosing granite countertops in Maryland.

Colors Available

Thanks to our wide selection of stone, our granite slabs come in countless color combinations and patterns. No granite slab is the same, providing you with a unique look that no one else will have, regardless of whether they have a similar color or pattern. You are able to choose from darker color slabs to match your white cabinets or a light color slab to contrast your dark wood colored cabinets. Compliment your granite countertops with a granite backsplash to complete the look. If you’re not sure what would look best while also fitting the style that you are going for, our experienced designers can guide you and provide you with suggestions.

Scratch Resistant

Granite is the hardest stone available. It is resilient to scratches, making it a very popular choice for kitchen countertops. It is so resilient that some homeowners choose to forego the cutting board entirely. As granite can only be scratched by another piece of granite, or diamond, any cutting directly on the countertop won’t damage it. Worrying about scratching the surface from sliding items over the countertops, will be a thing of the past. Take it a step further and choose granite stone for your floors and you won’t have to worry about scratches like you would if you have wooden floors.

Resistant To Temperature Changes

Another reason granite is extremely popular in kitchens is its resistance to heat. If you need to temporarily place a hot pot or pan directly on the countertop, it will not affect or damage the countertop. You won’t have to encounter your counter bubbling anymore from exposure to heat as you would with laminate. It’s resistance to temperature also makes it an ideal surface for projects that require a cool environment, such as rolling out dough. In addition, granite withstands extreme temperature changes, so it is an excellent choice for fireplace facades as well.

Stain Resistant

When sealed and cared for properly, granite is stain resistant. If you accidentally spill food or drink on it, you will be able to easily clean it up without affecting the overall aesthetic of your countertop. Unlike laminate countertops, you are able to retain the look regardless of any accidents which are bound to happen in the kitchen. That unfortunate wine or coffee spill will not ruin your countertops any longer.

Low Maintenance

As granite countertops are stain resistant, they are extremely easy to clean. Therefore, making them low maintenance. As long as the granite countertop is properly sealed, the quality of your granite will remain intact. Typically, the maintenance granite requires is just annual sealing. If you decide to add a granite backsplash to complement your countertops, cleaning the remnants of sauces that tend to always land on the backsplash will become a breeze. As a result, leaving you with an easily cleaned kitchen that will make you wonder why it took so long to change to granite stone.


As we are both suppliers and distributors, we are able to bring the savings right to our customers. In turn, our granite countertops are much more cost effective than others who only distribute granite countertops. The low maintenance of granite will also save you money in the long run. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on cleaning supplies to maintain the look of the stone, or having to completely replace a laminate countertop when it gets unsightly stains or it begins to bubble. Our designers at In Home Stone will take into account your budget and needs so that you are able to receive quality granite and complete your project.


Quality Granite Countertops In Mayland

Working with In Home Stone means you never have to compromise on quality to get the best price for your investment. As we mentioned before, we only offer our customers quality granite stone from all over the world, including the United States. Since we fabricate our natural stone on site using the latest technology, we are able to provide our customers with the quality stone cut that they desire for their specific needs. Our selection of granite can be used for countertops, floors, backsplashes and more. If you have a project in mind for your home but are not sure how to approach it, our designers can help you create a plan to bring your ideas to life. Check out some of your natural stone options by viewing our gallery or by viewing our sample slabs.

Not only do we offer and fabricate granite slabs for countertops, we also offer marble and quartz slabs. Like with granite these can be cut to fit whatever project you are wanting to complete. Whether it is for a fireplace, backsplashes, or countertops, our designers can work with you to provide suggestions and formulate a plan of action. Along with providing natural stone for your projects, we also provide restoration services and tile.

If you’re ready to update your kitchen with a clean, sleek look, call In Home Stone for the finest selection of marble, stone and granite countertops in Maryland today at 410-626-2025 .