Polishing Granite

Are there dull areas consistent with wear patterns, streaks, or other damage to your granite countertops? In order to remove these imperfections, we will hone and polish the granite surfaces, resulting in a new damage-free granite surface. If you are looking for a soft matte finish that is wet, welcoming, and glossy smooth or a finely polished surface, it can definitely be accomplished by our skilled technicians.

Granite Surface Sealing

Certain types of natural stone are more brittle than others and the more porous a natural stone is the more resistant to staining it is. Granite appears to be highly brittle. We suggest that it be sealed to inhibit staining. We use professional-grade sealers of very high quality.

Granite Deep Cleaning

Depending on the surface state and type of soil, grease, or other contaminant being removed, different granite cleaning methods might be needed. Granite is easier to keep clean. We will help you not only clean your granite surfaces, but keep your granite well cleaned, preserved, and scratch-free to make it easier to regularly clean and care for your stone. Our trained technicians are professionals in extracting granite discolorations and stains.

Repairs on Granite

Consider letting us provide professional granite restoration services or if you need to replace the granite. In order to produce a seamless finish, we will fill granite holes and patch granite cracks and chips, and conclude by polishing the granite base, countertop, or other granite surfaces.


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