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At In Home Stone, we carry a diverse selection of the finest quality Granite Countertops in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} and surrounding areas. We get our Granite from Brazil, India, Italy and The United States. We work with the most reputable and robust quarries to source stunning natural stone that is delivered directly to us. Serving as both supplier and distributor enables us to pass the value directly to you.

Granite Countertops in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}

With In Home Stone, you have multiple choices when it comes to your stone countertops. Granite comes in countless color combinations and patterns. Granite is the hardest stone available so it is resilient to scratches, making it a very popular choice for kitchen countertops. Another reason granite is extremely popular in kitchens is its resistance to heat. This makes it an ideal surface for projects that require a cool environment, such as rolling out dough. Granite withstands extreme temperature changes, so it is an excellent choice for fireplace facades as well. When sealed and cared for properly, granite is stain resistant and is extremely easy to clean.

Working with In Home Stone means you never have to compromise on quality to get the best price for your investment. Check out some of your natural stone options by viewing our gallery or by viewing our sample slabs.

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Benefits of Marble Countertops


Marble is a natural stone, meaning it's more resistant than many of the other available countertop materials to scratching, shattering, and splitting. In terms of its toughness, marble is smoother than granite, so appealing architectural features can be integrated.


Every piece is distinctive in appearance since marble was developed by a natural process. The region of origin and the relative combination of minerals in the original stone define the diverse variety of textures and colors used in marble.

Resistance to Heat

Marble countertops are also thermally resistant. Marble does not catch fire or flame, so by not putting a hot pan or pot on the surface without cover, it is prudent to maintain the polish.


For a very long period of time, marble has been used as a construction material, so its ability to stand harsh weather conditions is well known. You should continue to appreciate the elegance of marble for a lifetime as it is expertly built and well sealed and preserved. 

Naturally, Marble remains cold

Making it the ideal surface for bakery products, since it usually stays below room temperature. This is why marble countertops are favored by bakers above many natural stones.

Luxurious look

What distinguishes it from the other natural stones is the timeless, elegant look of marble countertops.