Natural Stone Countertops

In Home Stone offers many options when it comes to your Stone Countertops. Our sixty-thousand square foot campus in the Greater Annapolis Design District houses over one thousand slabs of marble, granite and quartz as well as other options for Stone Countertops. Two main factors that help determine which type of stone to choose are where the stone is being installed and how you need the stone to perform. Our sales people will help determine the type of stone that best meet your requirements.

Characteristics of Marble, Granite, and Quartz

There are many benefits when it comes to using marble, granite, or quartz for your stone countertops. When it comes to marble, the durability is amazing as it’s more resistant to cracking, scratching, and breaking than other known stone countertop materials. Also, marble is known for being quite affordable and actually costs a lot less than other natural stones. However, just like any other countertop materials, the cost all depends on what type, thickness, and a few other factors. There is a large distinction in marble as well, as there is a wide range of colors and hues found in marble. This is usually based off of the area of the marble’s origin, and how the mix of minerals are within the original limestone. Finally, marble has great heat resistance and can last for a very long time.

Just as marble is, granite counters are also very durable. It is super difficult to actually scratch or chip the surface of granite. In addition, granite is eco-friendly and adds value to your home as it adds a great aesthetic to your home. In terms of being eco-friendly, it also retains its natural look and are completely flat, with assists with certain types of cooking. If your family has issues with common allergies, granite might actually be the best choice for a countertop as it overall resists bacteria and dirt. Granite countertops are usually sealed and can’t capture anything particles within it, so in the long-run, your kitchen is less likely to become dirty as often.Granite is also very easy to fix if it actually ever does chip or get scratched. Putties that are dyed to match the exact color of the countertop can be used to repair such occurrences. Then, it can be resealed to protect the newly filled in granite to protect it from spills or other occurrences.¬†Finally, granite is extremely family friendly. Like said earlier, it is hard for granite to capture dirt, dust, spills and more. If you have young family members who often make a mess in the kitchen, then granite is a great choice for you.

Quartz is overall a very attractive countertop stone, and comes in a variety of colors that assist with what you desire for your kitchen designs and color schemes. The range is actually much larger than even marble’s and granite’s. Quartz also resists stains, dust, and dirt as well. This overall can help with allowing you to not have to clean as much. Also, Quartz basically has the same durability as concrete and granite. However, it is a quite forgiving type of stone, so it won’t crack as easily. However, don’t expect it to have the same hardness that some may find unpleasant and rough to feel.