Choosing which type of floor tile and selecting the proper trim pieces can be difficult. The combinations of color, size, style, and texture can be overwhelming. Once you find your home style tiles, How do you know they’re going to fit the style of your home? Finding the correct floor tiles that will match your personal style and complement your home’s décor takes some careful planning. Different tile characteristics and how they combine to create a flooring surface all factor into choosing the right flooring tile.


crab tileThe location where you are putting the tile is a huge factor when it comes to the type. Tiles are strong, water-resistant, and easy to clean which makes it great for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways but not all styles of tile suit every application. Using a textured tile for bathroom floors is more practical than smooth tiles because they tend to get slippery when wet. Smooth tile is better suited for entryways and kitchens. Because of this tile’s smooth surface, it is easier to clean.


tile patternFlooring tiles are available a wide range of patterns and shapes that can help compliment your home’s décor. For a subtle look, you can use stone patterned tiles, which compliments many décor types. Surface patterns are interesting, but they can get too busy. Don’t use patterned tile flooring where you already have a strong pattern on your walls. This will make a room look busy, and neither design will stand out and can make it difficult to spend an extended period of time in the room.


unique tile sizeThe pattern on your floor tiles have a huge influence on the look of the room just as much as the size of the tile. Larger tiles will make small areas seem a lot larger, making them a good option for most rooms. Small tiles can make a room feel more intimate, but these tile sizes should be used with caution. Small tiles have more grout lines, which can add a complex look to your room’s design. Large tiles also take less time and effort to install than smaller tiles, a point worth considering if you intend to hire a professional to tile your floor or whether you choose to do the job yourself.


Color will influence the overall feel of your room. Typically, color is extremely important when choosing tiles.

Here are a few basic color rules to keep in mind when choosing tile colors:

  • Vibrant, playful colors will make a room seem happy and warm.
  • Neutral colors are the easiest to integrate into any decor.
  • Dark colors can add depth, but may make the room look smaller than it is.
  • Light hues make spaces look bigger, and can brighten a room with little natural light.

A nice trick you could use when deciding on a tile color is to mix and match two different shades of the same colors. That can create an effect that is pleasant to the eye, as the darker shade adds depth while the lighter one can add some brightness to the combination.


Choosing the right floor tiles can seem complicated with the combinations of texture, color, patterns, and size. By going through your choices and carefully thinking about the look you want for your space, you can select the right tile for your floors. At In Home Stone, we know the moment you view our gallery of finished projects, you’ll understand that we are the tile experts for you. We will help you personalize every aspect of your project. Working with In Home Stone means you never have to compromise on quality to get the best price for your investment. Contact us today at 410-626-2725, stop by our showroom and browse our wide range of kitchen tiles in anapolis or check out our tile inventory online.