Quartz Countertops

quartz countertopsAt In Home Stone, we carry a diverse selection of the finest quality quartz countertops found in Maryland and the surrounding areas. We get our quartz slabs from Brazil, Israel, Italy and The United States. As we serve as both the supplier and distributor of our stone, it enables us to pass the value directly to you. Our selection can be cut to fit any countertop, whether it is a kitchen countertop, bathroom countertop, bar or island countertop.

Quartz Countertops in Maryland

With In Home Stone, you have multiple choices when it comes to your stone countertops. Quartz is a man-made engineered stone that uses 93% quartz fused together with resins, polymers, and pigments. Because quartz is a non-porous material, its texture prohibits bacteria growth on its surface making it a great option for kitchen countertops and bathrooms. Quartz is also stain-resistant, which allows for easy cleanup. Quartz is a beautiful material that comes in myriad colors and patterns. 

Choice Of Colors

Quartz is a beautiful material that comes in myriad colors and patterns. As we mentioned before, since we are the suppliers and distributors of our stones, we have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. This means that regardless of who has a similar color or pattern as the one you would like for your countertops, your quartz countertop will always be unique. Match your patterns and colors with your cabinets to complete your look. Or mix it up to provide some contrast and bring attention to the countertop. We have expert designers available as well, if you are not sure what would be suit your needs.

Prevents Bacteria

Deterring the spread of bacteria is of top priority in any household. Because quartz is a non-porous material, its texture prohibits bacteria growth on its surface making it a great option for kitchen countertops and bathrooms. Rest easy knowing that even though your raw food may have touched the countertop while you were cooking, as long as you properly clean it afterwards, your countertop will not become the host of bacteria and other diseases like E. Coli. When it comes to quartz in your bathrooms, you can rest assured that it will prevent bacteria from spreading throughout as well.

Stain Resistant

Quartz is also stain-resistant, which allows for easy cleanup. Those accidental spills in the morning when you’re rushing off to work, won’t damage the countertops. Don’t worry about having to educate your kids about being careful to not spill their fruit juices on the counter or leaving that popsicle wrapper that’s slowly dripping liquid on the countertop when switching to quartz countertops. Simply clean the mess right up and continue on with your day. With so many other things that contribute to your daily stress, don’t let a stain on your countertops push you to the edge. Switch over to quartz and see the difference.


If you are considering to install quartz countertops for your home, this beautiful stone can be used in virtually any room, as well as your outdoor kitchens and patios. As mentioned before, since quartz is stain resistant, and prevents bacteria, it is a great choice of material for your countertops. If you choose a quartz countertop for your outside table, you don’t have to worry about it being permanently stained from hard water. All you have to do is clean it every once in a while so that it remains with the shiny and sleek look you are going for. Other spaces where quartz countertops can also be incorporated are fireplaces, shower surrounds, windowsills and even coffee tables.


Quartz countertops last a lifetime, so that you don’t ever have to worry again about replacing or repairing old countertops in your home. They are incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance. They can withstand your children’s spills, accidents and mishaps that often accompany their day-to-day shenanigans. Think about all the hot cups of coffee, wine and even slicing knives that have spilled or dropped and damaged your relatively weak countertops. With quartz countertops, you won’t ever have to worry about the time-consuming task of repeatedly roughly cleaning and repairing your countertop ever again. Save time and money by making the right investment when it comes to your countertops and choose quartz.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Want to impress anyone that walks through your doors? Imagine having a vibrant colored quartz countertop in your bathroom or kitchen. Many potential homebuyers pay extra attention to the appearance of kitchen and bathrooms. Many times when the kitchen and bathrooms are outdated, the potential buyers can only think of all the renovations that will need to be done. After the amount of renovations add up, it’s very difficult to change their minds towards still seeing the potential and appeal of the home. Now, if you have already invested in quartz for your countertops, it will surely increase the value and overall appeal of your home. Make an investment today of switching to quartz and reap the benefits in the long run. Contact us or come to our showroom to see what options we have to offer you. In addition to carrying slabs, we have an extensive sample collection and can special order engineered quartz material such as Cambria, Silestone, and Caesarstone.

Quality Quartz Countertops In Maryland

Working with In Home Stone means you never have to compromise on quality to get the best price for your investment. Not only do we offer quartz countertops in Maryland, we also offer granite, marble countertops. Our professional designers are available to provide you with suggestions on the materials that would best fit your budget and needs. Check out some of your natural stone options by viewing our gallery or by viewing our sample slabs.

Along with our stone countertops options, we offer restoration services for your current countertops. Looking for something other than stone for your countertops? We have a wide variety of tile options for your countertops, floor, bathroom, and backsplash needs.

If you’re ready to make a great investment for your home, choose In Home Stone for the finest selection of marble, granite, and quartz countertops in Maryland, please contact us at 410-626-2025 today.


Wonder where to begin with a quartz countertop project?

  • Typically, if you’re working on a kitchen, the cabinets and countertops dictate the quartz selection. The reverse is true when working on a bathroom, where the shower and wall drive the choice of countertop (not always, but it is a good place to start).
  • Choosing quartz can be overwhelming- there are thousands of possibilities. This is where one of the staff designers can help you. If you have some selections made, such as cabinet color, paint or stone, please bring those samples with you. If you have inspiration photos, feel free to bring those as well.
  • You will be assigned one of our knowledgeable designers who will discuss the scope and timing of your project as well as design, color palette, functionality, and budget.
  • The designer will work with you on the quartz selection and the layout of the quartz as well as matching caulk and grout. As needed, sketches may be provided.
  • If you make a quartz selection and have the dimensions of your project, you will likely have a same day estimate.
  • Once you have selected your quartz, we can provide you with an estimate for quartz installation or we work with your quartz setter or builder to provide quantities.

Q: What if I am working on my own?
A: While we work with designers, builders, and architects, we have vast experience assisting homeowners from the selection of their material to the installation.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?
A: We do encourage appointments so that we can dedicate an on-staff designer to work with you and discuss your project needs. However, you are welcome to stop by and browse our showroom, which is broken up into distinct areas featuring natural stone, porcelain and ceramic, and mosaics and glass at your leisure.

Q: What should I bring with me to my first appointment?
A: If available, please bring your project’s plans. Any sample materials you have already selected, such as cabinets and countertops (if applicable) will be helpful. Additionally, please bring any photos you have collected of your preferences (as well as your dislikes), perhaps from Pinterest and Houzz accounts. Or, feel free to bring your Pinterest and Houzz account information with you, so you can access them on our Design Center kiosk.

Q: What is the typical lead time to order quartz countertops?
A: We have some marble countertops in stock and available immediately. Most quartz is available within a week, however some special order quartz may take anywhere from three to twelve weeks.

Q: Is tile delivered to the job site?
A: Typically the builder or the homeowner picks up the quartz countertops. Depending on scheduling, we can deliver the marble for a fee.

Q: What else do I need for my tile project?
A: We can provide all the materials for your quartz countertop installation and quartz surfacing in Annapolis MD. We carry many setting materials, water proofing systems, heated floor systems, Schluter edging, thinset, caulk, and grout.