Faux Marble Countertops might be something you want to do if you’re trying to save a little money on making your kitchen look nicer. However, we would like to advise you against DIY and saving up for the real thing. The amount of money you will eventually save on maintenance will eventually far out way what you will spend to get the fake.

Why Marble?

Marble gives your home a sophisticated look, especially in bathrooms and foyers. Marble has been used for hundreds of years as can be seen by the Roman Coliseum and the Taj Mahal. Many statues were crafted with Marble due to how easy it is to carve and the luster once the process is completed. Marble, to this day, has unique characteristics that make it prized among builders and designers.

Why Faux Marble Countertops Won’t Cut It?

Generally, DIY surfaces use Laminate which is prone to the damage done by heat and scratching. (Something that actual Marble would be resistant to) Not only that but most processes to achieve this faux marble look take over a week to complete. Which would mean you would have to order take-out or use a neighbor’s kitchen for all cooking-related activities. There are also plenty of mistakes that can happen that will make your countertop look scuffed and unprofessional. Even after the process is completed it will be a bit duller when compared to actual Marble.

Why The Real Thing?

Marble for many reasons is perfect for the kitchen environment. For one, it is highly stain resistant. If you were to accidentally spill something while cooking it’s an easy cleanup process and the sealer on the marble will keep anything from staining the material. Each slab of Marble is also unique in design. Even if you don’t like white as the main color, marble can come in all sorts of colors to fit your needs. Marble is also highly resistant to heat making it perfect for dealing with hot dishes and pans. It is also perfect for those who are into baking, as it maintains a temperature that is usually below room temp. With minimal maintenance, you can maintain that shine that you got on day one.

Contact Us About Marble Countertops

If you’re interested in getting an actual Marble countertop, check out In Home Stone. We have all your needs for Natural Stone countertops that not only include Marble but Granite and Quartz as well. At In Home Stone, we serve as both the supplier and distributor which lets us pass the value directly to you. Contact us today to find your new Kitchen design.